Juvenile Harvest

The origin of the Juvenile Harvest in CCC Worldwide


One of the Church’s hymns states that the Celestial Church is completely from Heaven, while the Pastor Founder (Rev SBJ OSHOFFA) always reminded members on the significance of God to establish the last boat of salvation. Celestial Church was conceived on the strict instructions of the Holy Spirit, while every activity in the Church also has the identification of heavenly blessings.

As Celestial members are joyfully preparing to organize the Juvenile Harvest in their various parishes, it becomes imperative we discuss the historical background of Juvenile Harvest in the Church. Section 99 (f) of the Church Constitution states “The Juvenile Harvest will be celebrated by all parishes on the first Sunday in June each year”.

The first parish

The first parish to be established in the United Kingdom (UK) has its root from CCC Yemetu Parish, Ibadan, Nigeria. While the origin of the Juvenile Harvest in Celestial Church of Christ started in the first CCC in the Western world, United Kingdom to be precise; In the year 1969 at No 2 Berriman Road, London N4. Where the first altar was laid while planning towards their first Annual Adult Harvest Thanksgiving service, after a year of its establishment. The parish officially started on the 26th April 1968 at Berriman Road before the worshippers moved to No, 7 Enthrone Road, Archway, London N19 in year 1971, however to further find a conductive environment to serve God, the parish relocated to St. John Hall, Lewisham Road, London in later 1971 before finally moved to CCC London 1 Parish now (Harton Street Parnow), London in 1973.

The wife of the First Chairman of the Adults Harvest committee (Sister Ogunkola) who later became a (PROPHETESS) whose husband later became the first Leader in charge of CCC Elephants & Castle parish, London in 1976 had a dream where she was told to tell the congregation that they should first celebrate the children of the parish before planning for their Adult Harvest. The holy spirit spoke to Sister Ogunkola in her dream that Celestial Church seems to have forgotten the existence of the Children in the Church, then the holy spirit mandated her to inform the Elders on the need to celebrate all children in the Church.

Hence, this was noted by the congregation via the first secretary of both the Juvenile and Adults Harvest Thanksgiving (then Sister E.A Durojaiye) who her husband was also the first General Secretary of CCC Harton Street Parish, London. Now Mother Celestial Durojaiye, presently she attend CCC Elephants & Castle Parish in London, UK.

The first Juvenile Harvest

Furthermore, the Matron and Main establisher of CCC Harton Parish, London who was instructed through the holy spirit, revealed to Late Prophetess M/C Bola Adenejolu that Celestial Church of Christ must be established in London and officially informed the late Pastor Founder (Revd Prophet SBJ Oshoffa) about the Juvenile Harvest revelation through Sister Ogunkola; after carefully reviewing the spiritual message, the Pastor Founder Papa SBJ Oshoffa gladly instructed that Celestial Church of Christ should commence the celebration of JUVENILE HARVEST the same day which was arranged for the first Sunday in JUNE of each calendar year before any Adult harvest. Hence, the JUVENILE HARVEST officially started in Celestial Church of Christ in 1972 at Porto Novo, Republic of Benin.

The first pioneering witnesses

However, the pioneering children of CCC Harton Street Parish, London who witnessed the first ever Juvenile Harvest in Celestial Church of Christ Worldwide held in July 1969 in London before the Pastor Founder Papa SBJ Oshoffa officially approved the harvest by the general congregation of the Church were:

The first organisers

The organisers of the first ever Juvenile Harvest in CCC:

The Elders in charge of CCC Harton Street Parish, London were the Late Senior Evangelist Shorinoulu of (blessed memory), while the general secretary was late Brother A A Durojaiye while Late Baba Oluwo was the patron of the parish.

We wish every child in the Church a HAPPY JUVENILE HARVEST!